Mai bh2
Full Name Mai Phong
Nickname none
Age 17
Height 5' 6"
Weight 102 lbs.
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Birthplace Vietnam
Class Junior
Element Water
Fighting Style Kickboxing
Characteristics Vengeful, fickle
Known Relatives Khai (brother)
Debut Battle High: San Bruno
Other Appearances Battle High: Elemental Revolt

Battle High 2
Battle High 2 A+

Voice Actor Kira Buckland

Mai is the first female character in the Battle High series, debuting in Battle High: San Bruno.


Battle High San Bruno/Elemental RevoltEdit

Like her older brother, Khai Phong, Mai Phong is a strong, aquatic elemental. Last year, Khai challenged the school's self-appointed guardian, Jiro Ozawa, to a fight, but was defeated. Ashamed at his lost, Khai became obsessed with training and was no longer the brother she remembered,. Soon after, she met Jiro's younger brother, Shinji. The two quickly became an item; not so much because of their feelings for one another but because of their mutual hatred for Jiro. Soon, however, she began developing feelings for Shinji's older brother, and through she hates this new found affection, she's finding it harder and harder to fight it.

Battle High 2Edit

Mai watched her older brother, Khai, defeat his rival, Jiro. Mai felt bad for Jiro, who she had developed a crush on, but was hopeful that her brother, Khai, would stop his obsession. Sadly, her brother continued his training, and his grades continued to fall. Mai was beginning to feel hopeless, seeking help from anyone she could to stop her brother from his obsessive training. Soon, students began getting sick and losing their powers. Mai decided to investigate, and though she felt terrible to even think it, maybe losing his powers would be the only thing to stop Khai.