Ryken bh2
Full Name Ryken Volynski
Nickname none
Age 15
Height 5' 6"
Weight 155 lbs (205 w/arm)
Ethnicity Russian
Birthplace Russia
Class Junior
Element Electricity
Fighting Style Koppojutsu
Characteristics Vengeful, secretive
Known Relatives Father (deceased)

Catia (mother)

Debut Battle High: Team-Up
Other Appearances Battle High: San Bruno

Battle High: Elemental Revolt
Battle High 2
Battle High 2 A+

Voice Actor Steven W. Hunt

Ryken is one of the few characters that has appeared in every Battle High game. He is the youngest playable character.


Battle High: Team-UpEdit

He comes from a wealthy family. Once was a popular extreme athlete. He transferred to South City High School in search of a fighter responsible for severing his right arm.

Battle High: San Bruno/Elemental RevoltEdit

Ryken is a young prodigy known for his prowess in a wide range of subjects from biology to music as well as his electric, elemental powers. After losing his arm and father in a devastating car accident, he created a mechanical replacement powered by his element abilities. Secretly, the arm can transform into a powerful weapon, which Ryken now uses as he searches for the one who his mother told him is to blame for the accident on that tragic night, Christopher Morgann.

Battle High 2Edit

After fighting Christopher Morgann, the peer Ryken believed caused his father's fatal car accident, his mother told him about his father's drinking problem. Ryken didn't believe her though and soon began receiving strange texts indicating that someone knew the truth. Despite the warnings from his new found friend, Arvid, Ryken decides to intensely search for the origin of the texts in the hopes he will discover the truth.